About Us

Whale Safari was founded in 2006 under the name of Sea Safari. We are pioneers in whale watching tours on RIB boats in Iceland. We operate our tours with years of experience from Reykjavík´s Old Harbour.


Our Story

Whale Safari was founded in 2006 under the name of Sea Safari. We are pioneers in whale watching on RIB boats in Iceland, the first ones on the water. The company was founded with the ambition to bring nature lovers and adventurers closer to the wildlife of Faxaflói Bay, including its whales, dolphins and birds.

In 2015 Torfi G Yngvason bought the company and took over the reigns. Mr. Yngvason has worked in the outdoor guiding industry for his entire adult life, having founded Arctic Adventures, Glacier Guides, Arctic Rafting, Reykjavík Sightseeing, Airport Direct and worked as a guide for more then a decade.

Our aim is to provide outstanding tours in harmony with nature.

We use our fast RIB boats with the utmost respect for the wildlife. The capability, manoeuvrability and speed of RIB boats means that we can cover a larger area then the standard whale watching ships. This increases our odds of viewing whales, dolphins and puffins in their natural habitat. When we do find our marine mammal friends you will be closer to them and the ocean than ever possible on the larger ships. Viewing these magnificent beings from a RIB boat is a once in a lifetime experience not soon to be forgotten.


We are proud to be the first small group whale watching company focusing on the personal experience of our customers as well as being the first operator in Reykjavík that uses RIB boats along side bigger ships for whale watching.

Whale Safari (and its former name Sea Safari) is a family owned company that began with a keen and real passion for wildlife, boats and people. In our mind whale watching and puffin tours are a great way to unite these interests while giving locals and foreign visitors to Iceland the chance to view Iceland’s marine life.

The company was founded in 2006, and over the years our tours and services have changed and progressed a great deal; from the humble beginnings of seasonal tours to a year-round operation. It´s not hard to imagine why whale watching has become one of the top three tourist adventures in Iceland.


We believe that our experience and passion enable us to deliver the best tours humanly possible. We truly put great care and detail into our services and customer care. We have profound respect and love for nature as it has become a lifestyle for us. As our tours are authentic wildlife tours each trip can be remarkably different then the previous. We wish all our guests the best of luck!


We follow IceWhale’s codes of conduct for responsible whale watching as well as following our own stricter guidelines. We take an active part in international partnerships and discussion on the future of whale watching, e.g. IWC and Planet Whale. To advance our knowledge we participate and aid marine biologists research on wildlife in the Faxaflói Bay. 

Responible Whale Watching Tours In Iceland