Sailing through the fog in the morning was an amazing experience, leaving the harbour with the gaggles and gloves. We were riding the waves for 10 minutes when suddenly the fog was vanishing letting us enjoy the beautiful landscape of Faxaflói. We didn´t need to sail much longer to find our first minke whale surfacing for a couple of times before desappear. We decided to wait a while in the area and so glad we did because we could see at least 6 different individuals of minke whale swimming around. We did have time to spend with some of them, taking a good look before we decided to sail a bit more and look for something else. We were really lucky to came across a pod of white beaked dolphins which were in a good morning mood with one of them jumping few meters high above the water. Great start of the day!
Unfortunately the afternoon trip was not as lucky as the morning one, we did spot some harbour porpoises very close to the boat, then we stop the engine and the animals were swimming around the boat, although that was the only sighting of the trip, we did not see anything else so we offer to our passengers a complementary ticket to try luck next time!