What did we see today: humpback whale, minke whales, white beaked dolphins, harbour porpoises

With winds in Reykjavik city we were surprised and thrilled to find glassy flat seas out in Flaxafloi. It was a beautiful sunny day, and minke whales were all around! We crossed paths with a pod of about 8 white beaked dolphins, swimming slowly and crossing beneath our boat. We could see their white markings as they swam through the crystal clear water.

Right at the end of our trip our guides spotted a big animal way on the horizon. All of the bigger whale watching boats were already half way back to Reykjavik but we decided to investigate, with one very exciting word in our minds "humpback!!" We stuck around, waiting patiently for it to surface again and just as we were about to give up we spotted a big and powerful blow! We watched her surface and even got that magical view of the humpback´s fluke! Our guests were really overwhelmed with the trips, and one passenger remarked "this is the best thing I´ve ever done." 

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