What did we see today: minke whales, white beaked dolphins, harbour porpoises, puffins

Today we treated our lovely passengers to a luxurious massage face treatment, that can only be achieved when travelling at 30 knots in a rib boat through the Icelandic rain! To accompany this, we thoroughly enjoyed watching feeding minke whales all around the boat, near and far. One highlight of the day was when a surprise minke whale popped up right beside the boat when we really weren´t expecting it! We also got to watch white beaked dolphins feeding, as they chased fish around us and jumped out of the water to gain speed. There were a lot of fish in the bay today, since all of our cetaceans were showing us their fascinating feeding behaviour, as were the diving sea birds - especially arctic terns and our beloved puffins. Thank you to all of our fabulous passengers for joining us to watch wildlife in the wet today!