What did we see today: minke whale, white beaked dolphins, puffin

We set out in low visibility and rain into Faxafloi bay. It was high tide so we got within meters of the puffins and their burrows. After a few minutes to take some photos we headed out further into the bay. Conditions were quite rough but we spotted some dolphins who then came to the boats and played with us for about 5 -10 minutes. After this we set out on a hunt for some whales but with decreasing visibility and heavy rain we soon started heading back to Reykjavik harbour. Then with a stroke of luck we stopped in time to see two minke whales surfacing in front of the boat!  The sun came out and the sea was calmer - what a lovely end to our tour!



 "Searching for minkes" photo taken by Naturalist Andr é

"Searching for minkes" photo taken by Naturalist André