Halla Sif Svansdóttir

4 minute read17 Apr 2019

Our humpback companions

What a comeback! After really stormy days Iceland gentle weather allowed us to sail again, and we are glad we did. Humpbacks today were excepcional. We can feel that spring is knocking hard at the door: puffins (along with guillemots, gannets, kittiwakes...) are coming back to our arctic buffet, and whales are having massive meals as well. Humpbacks today (at east there were 6 at the bay) were having busy time filling their huge stomachs. We all enjoyed two tours of close-up (really close-ups) sightings, animals fluking up in a lounge feeding festival, unexpected blows while cruising... Humpbacks were all around us in big, big numbers.

Having these experiences helps us to realize the vast amount of animals that rely on the presence of food in our waters, and how fragile these conditions are. A couple more degrees is all it takes for all the trophic chain to collapse, and a some kilos of plastic within the fish is all it takes for a whale to ingest it and kill the animal. It is up to every of us to let this magnificent show to keep being real. So, as far as this keeps going on, we wait you in our RIBs!


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