25th September 2023

24 Sep 2023

Whale Safari Guides

Whale Safari Guides

Species seen today: Minke whale, white-beaked dolphin, harbour porpoise

Birds seen today: Herring gull, black-headed gull, northern gannet, northern fulmar, common guillemot, eider duck, atlantic puffin (puffling)

10:00 - The sky was clear, and the wind was calm as well as the waves, so we headed out to the sea to try to see some cetaceans! Not too long into the tour, we stumbled upon a minke whale that was very elusive and after that, a small pod of harbour porpoises appeared briefly and disappeared right away. We continued our search and we saw a big splash from a pod of 4 to 5 white-beaked dolphins that were jumping quite high but they stopped soon enough. The waves were picking up as well as the wind so we went south. Another minke whale popped up but it was too quick for our passengers to see. We started our way back to the harbour due to the increasingly bad conditions of the sea. Since the sightings weren't good enough we offered complimentary tickets to our passengers so they could have another go and see more next time. Everybody was happy, the boat ride was quite fun! 

Crew: Captain Bohdan & Guide Pedro

Today we are only running the 10:00 tour and unfortunately, due to bad weather, we had to cancel the 14:00 tour.

For more information, come see us at Ægisgarður 5D

email us at info@whalesafari.is or call us on +354 497 0000

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