Welcome to the icelandic summer of 2018. Although quite rainy day, our tours were running very well! We been seeing numerous Minke whales feeding. There is a lot of fish in Faxaflói so we been checking the bird flocks feeding and waiting so see the cetaceans around. In one of the trips we were surprised with a Humpback whale feeding together with the MInke whales.

In our trips we also been seeing a lot Puffins foraging among Common Guillemot and Razorbill. The lasts taking care of there chicks. Today we also spot a Sooty Shearwater among the hundrends of Manx Shearwater feeding in the bay.

In one of the trips we tried to save a Northern Gannet that had swallow a fishing hook with a line and it was showing some debility, but it was impossible to catch and help it. Unfortunately by-catch is a big problem in our oceans where everyday dies seabirds, sharks and cetaceans due to the over-fishing all around the world and our fishing methods.