Great day to go out and search for wildlife! All our trips where different. In the morning really good White-Beaked Dolphins playing around our boats like if didn't want us to leave, and we also had some Minke-Whales although a bit illusive in the morning.

Unfortunatly the two clock tour didn't spot anything, but that is how wildlife is.

In the afternoon tours we didn't found any White-Beaked Dolphins but there were several Minke whales moving from bird flock to bird flock, feeding. In the way back to the harbor one of our boats found a Basking-shark, very relaxed moving in the surface filtering and very close to the boat. In that moment we could see the real size of the shark.

In the afternoon tour our boats spot several Minke-whales feeding and from nowhere a Humpback whale joined the feeding group with huge flock of birds.

We also starting to see some pufflings out in the ocean.