Today has been a perfect day out there. The conditions were one-in-a-summer, so the sightings were. We had really odd visitors. Right whales, which are one (if not) of the most endangered whale species in the world. Right whale comes from the fact they were the "right" whales to hunt, and we did it intensely, bringing them to the brink of the extinction. Fortunately, there are still some with us and one of them came to Faxafloi. We could see it´s perfect V shaped blow, the callouses on his head. After some research, scientist found that the animal came all the way from Canada (the last place he was seen) just to be with us. A 10 years old male. As amazing as it can be. But on the same day we saw a basking shark, which is the second largest fish in the world and a filtering-feeding animal. It was an incredible, amazingly as it can get, day.