Today was an unusual day in the bay...We spotted few blows and few fins...we were waiting, looking all around... but despite all our efforts it seemed like the animals disappeared.. :( Rough sea conditions didn't help us either... We saw Harbour porpoises on one tour, a glimpse of Minke and dolphins. On one tour we had more luck and had a nice pretty close encounter with a Humpback whale in company with 3 White-beaked dolphins. Dolphins were slowly swimming on the side, while Humpback rolled over the sea surface few times. 

There was lot of bird activity though. The whole day we were watching Skuas chasing and stealing pray from others, gulls fighting, Northern Gannets plunge diving at high speed, Puffins bringing fish to their chics, tiny Storm Petrels...

Despite amazing bird activity, the Cetaceans which didn't show themselves much and rough sea didn't make this day the best sighting day; so, we're hoping the conditions will change soon and lets cross our fingers to have more luck the next time!

17_7_2017 (3).JPG