What did we see today: Minke whale and harbour porpoises and a humback whale

We left a calm harbour into a big sea swell in Faxafloi.  With the large swell we relied on the flocks of seabirds to direct us to where the Minke maybe feeding.  Once there we cut the engines and not long after a minke surfaced directly next to the boat before diving again.

We continued to follow the flocks of feeding birds and we were treated to groups of diving northern gannets, diving kittiwakes, puffins, guillemots, greater and lesser black backed gulls and storm petrels making the most of an ocean full of food today.  The bird show was so stunning and continued for the full two hrs!

The last tour of the afternoon bring us a beautiful surprise with a sighting of a humback whale showing us the fluke before it did go for a deep and longer dive.