What did we see today: harbour porpoises, minke whales, puffins!

The seas were flat, the passengers were enthusiastic, the guides were excited, and the animals... were nowhere to be seen! At first. Today it was about an hour of searching (but never losing hope!) until we finally came across minke whales, and they were certainly worth the wait. We saw a mother and juvenile surfacing together between deep foraging dives, and probably saw a total of about 5 individuals in the area.


Another highlight of the day was the pod of porpoises we watching in the afternoon. When we turned off the engine of our rib boat, the pod of 10 harbour porpoises was not shy in approaching us and jumping all around us. We could even see them as they moved through the water. A lot of people mistake these small cetaceans for dolphins, but their flat faces and the way that they roll at the surface makes them easy to identify as the majestic and magnificent harbour porpoise!!!