What did we see today: white beaked dolphins, minke whales, harbour porpoises

A beautiful day... to be surrounded by minke whales! There must have been a lot of fish in the water because the minkes were out and feeding in every direction. It was pretty swell (intentional ocean pun). All of our passengers got to see the minkes today, and for many this was the first time seeing a whale! We were so happy to make this possible for you guys! Also a special shout out to Paola who came along on her birthday today and endured the humiliation of us all singing for her.


In the afternoon we also had a very special hour long encounter with a pod of about 7 white beaked dolphins, interacting with the boat and swimming all around and underneath us. It was beautiful to see them up so close, and everyone was thrilled. To quote one of our guides off the clock - "those dolphins were pretty dope!"