What did we see today: puffins

The wind was quite something today!! With all of the other boats cancelled due to crazy weather conditions (even the bigger whale watching boats), we decided to go ahead with our afternoon puffin tour. With a team of passengers from America, Sweden, and Australia, we set out over the white caps. Within the bay it was a lot more sheltered, but we were hit with the full force of the weather as we travelled around to the other side of the island. We were all surprised to find the majority of the puffins on this more exposed side of the island. They flew past the front of the boat in enormous numbers, as if they were a cloud of locusts (of course they are much more loveable than locusts)! We all got soaked by the waves on this leg of the trip, but it was definitely worth it! Everyone had salt water on their clothes and smiles on their faces as we returned into the harbour.