What did we see today: Harbour porpoises, White Beaked Dolphins, Minke Whales & Puffins

This morning we embarked upon our first adventure of the day with our group from Germany, Spain, and the USA (who had gone to the same school as our naturalist, Jess - what a small world!).

 Puffin masses!

Puffin masses!

After a short stop at one of the small islands in the bay to watch the puffins (by the masses) we were out on the flat sea looking for cetaceans! The first sighting was a harbour porpoise, one of many that we would see later on the trip. When we turned off our engine, a couple came close enough to the boat for us to see the beautiful light patterns on their sides.

A call on the radio pointed us in the direction of some dolphins feeding in the bay, but in our search for their tall dark dorsal fins, we came across a minke whale! After watching her surface a few times we moved on and found ourselves completely surrounded by white beaked dolphins.

There were dorsal fins in all directions, popping up on the horizon and right next to our boat. We saw several of them leaping out of the water, and working together to chase around schools of small fish. A fantastic start to the day!

The sun broke through the clouds as we headed out into Faxafloi for the second time today.

We stopped to look at the Atlantic puffins starting to nest in their burrows and then headed out into deeper waters.

First stop was a minke diving and then we went for a tour of the bay where we saw gannets diving, northern fulmars, common guillemots, a lone skua and arctic terns. A group of harbour porpoises passed us by and then we encountered a group of white beaked dolphins moving fast.  We followed them for a short while until they disappeared.