What did we see today: Fog, Puffins, White Beaked Dolphins, Harbour Porpoises & Minke Whales

 Northern Gannett

Northern Gannett

We set off in thick fog and calm seas.  We were surrounded by fog, floating in complete silence on a mirror-like ocean.  Birds came close to the boat including the northern fulmar, northern gannet, puffins, razorbills and common gillamot.

We also had a very close encounter with a white beaked dolphin and some harbour porpoises.  We made our way back to the harbour from the first trip of the day to discover that the sun had broken through and bathed Reykjavik in sunshine. Overall the trip was stunning and otherworldly.

And where did the fog go?! The weather here is SO changeable! This afternoon the horizon was clear and the sea was completely still - perfect for spotting animals.

It was not long before we found ourselves surrounded by harbour porpoises, moving slowly and confidently around our boat.

We continued on and found minkes - lots of them! We spent most of the trip watching minke whales surfacing between their deep foraging dives. It was so beautiful to watch with tranquil seas surrounding us, and a stunning mountain and glacier backdrop.

We had a great time with this group and we could not have dreamed up better conditions for a whale safari.