What did we see today: Harbour Porpoises, White beaked dolphins, Minke whales & Puffins

The seas were beautiful and calm as we head out into the bay. We started off with a wonderful view of harbour porpoises, coming quite close to the boat and not shying away as they often do!

Next, our passengers spotted the tall dark dorsal fins of a pod of white beaked dolphins. (Really, we must state how fantastic this group of passengers were at spotting animals!!!)

We watched them splashing around and cooperating with each other in circle formation as they hunted for small fish. It was wonderful to watch this unique behaviour so close to our boat.

We were even lucky enough to spot 5 different minke whales during this trip, and countless gannets. It's clear that this is a great morning for fish, and we were all thrilled with our encounters with the animals.

At the end, our closest look at several pods of fast swimming white beaked dolphins had us not wanting to leave!