What did we see today: Minke Whales, Harbour Porpoises, loads of White Beaked Dolphins & Puffins

The sun may not have made an appearance this morning... but the cetaceans certainly did! Within minutes of getting out on the water we found ourselves surrounded by harbour porpoises, and puffins fluttering past.

We knew that there were minke whales in the area, so we went out in search of them. When we found our first minke, we watched her surfacing right in front of our boat and we talked about her feeding behaviour and the baleen plates in her mouth. We then spotted a second minke whale, coming up to breathe between venturing down for sand eel.

The highlight of our trip was an incredible encounter with a huge pod of white beaked dolphins. We estimate that there were about 20 dolphins, all around us in every direction, jumping completely out of the water and slapping down on the surface with their tails and upper bodies. It was amazing and we were all thrilled to watch this exciting behavior!

As if the morning’s dolphin encounter couldn’t have got any better... this afternoon’s may have just taken the cake!  Thirty dolphins herding fish whilst gannets dived from above was framed perfectly by two minke whales also in the area.  We watched as the drama unfolded and smelt the minkes breath!  It was an epic moment!  To quote one of our french passengers, ‘today was a very special day’.