What did we see today: White Beaked Dolphins, loads of puffins & seabirds

We set out onto a rather rough sea, hopeful that we could still spot some animals among the waves. Although cetaceans are always present here in Faxafloi bay, the waves hide them from us, so when they are larger it makes it harder to spot them.

Towards the end of the tour we were tipped off on the radio about a pod of white beaked dolphins, and we were thrilled to catch a look at them darting through the field of waves!

When the afternoon came around, the waves had not eased up. However our group of wonderful passengers embraced the sea conditions and thoroughly enjoyed our roller coaster ride!

We stopped to have a closer look at the majestic puffins before heading out to sea. Unfortunately we were unlucky today and did not spot any cetaceans, however we got to watch some amazing seabird behaviour. Arctic terns and gannets were everywhere and diving down at speed to catch fish.