What did we see today: Humpback Whale, Minke Whales & Puffins

It was a beautiful day and the sun was out… summer is starting to arrive in Reykjavik!

We were lucky enough to spot a humpback whale displaying some rather unusual behaviour. It was continually diving deep, letting us see its beautiful flukes, but not taking the usual several surfaces to breathe between deep dives.

We think this could have been because we were in a rather shallow part of the bay, and so the humpback’s dives were not as physically demanding, and it didn’t need to spend as much time getting fresh oxygen at the surface. It was a great start to the day!

In the afternoon the weather continued to be fantastic, with our captains and naturalists even wearing sun cream!

We had a fantastic group onboard our rib this afternoon, with a couple from Yorkshire, a couple from Germany, and a couple from the USA. Everyone clicked immediately and we all had a lot of fun taking this group out!

Despite our best efforts, zigzagging all over the bay to find some cetaceans, we were out of luck this afternoon! It was a fun ride on the boat, and one passenger said it was better than Disneyland.

 A couple of puffin cuties doing their thing

A couple of puffin cuties doing their thing

We were pleased to see a few puffins starting to build their burrows on the islands in the bay! Fingers crossed that the cetaceans return in the morning :)