What did we see today? : Minke Whales, Humpback Whale, White Beaked Dolphins, Harbour porpoises & Puffins

The humpbacks have DEFINITELY arrived! After such an exciting morning tour, expectations were high for our afternoon trip. The sea was a beautiful glassy surface - the calmest that we have seen it this season – and absolutely perfect for spotting cetaceans.

Thirty minutes passed and to all of our surprise we had still not spotted anything... when suddenly the small fin of our first minke whale emerged at the surface. We soon realized that she was not alone, and there were actually 4 minke whales around us, feeding and allowing us to see them for short moments between their deep dives. We watched them for a while before Captain Sverrir asked the team of passengers whether we should stay with the minkes or go off in search of more animals!


Our adventurous team decided to take the risk and continue on, and we were thrilled to encounter dolphins, porpoises, and for our big finale… 2 humpback whales.

The humpbacks were lunge feeding at the surface, giving us an incredible look at their baleen plates, pectoral fins, and even their flukes! At one point a humpback swam right under our boat, putting into perspective her enormous size.

It was a moving experience, watching the beautiful wild animals and their fascinating feeding behavior.

Humpback whale lunge feeding, swimming at speed up to the surface to gulp up a mouthful of small fish near the surface.